Sunday, February 13, 2011


Turning two is a big deal. So of course we celebrated Sammy's big day with all day fun! 

We started with a nice breakfast and then some jumping at a local gymnasium with a friend.  Sammy loves going to Tatura's and there was probably not a better way to spend the morning - he and Charlie ran, jumped and tumbled all over the place!  Then we had a fabulous lunch with the same great pals!  Fun times... (and Mama forgot the camera...bummer!)

Birthday dinner is always birthday person choice, and since Sammy doesn't really have a favorite food we chose take-out chinese for our festive meal!  Yum yum yummy! 

Sammy enjoyed opening all his gifts!  Naturally big sis had to help a little....
Sammy got some great stuff including new sheets for his big boy bed, a T-ball set (that he loves to hit in the yard!) and lot's of new clothes.

Daddy got him his very own Red Sox outfit, complete with ball cap!  Doesn't he just look two years old in the photo below!
His favorite toy came from his Gammie & Poppa and is one very cool Thomas Big Wheel.  It plays music and makes all sorts of train sounds.  He is having so much fun pushing himself around the house on it and dancing to the music!

I made some delicious cupcakes to celebrate the big event.  Simone and I decorated them and both kids got to clean the frosting out of the bowls.  
Sammy wasn't too sure what we were doing here and why we were giving him fire when we usually are keeping it far away from him!  Jie Jie had to help blow out the candles!
But he didn't need any help figuring out how to eat them! 

My happy family!  Aren't they cute....

And that is how we celebrated my big boy turning 2!

 San leaz quiet lo, my sweet boy!


Lisa said...

Oh sweet baby boy bliss!!! Well, I love LOVE all the glorious bash pics and YES, he is looking totally 2, but still has those sweet baby cheeks!!! Smooch city!

AND he looks so happy, so loved and just so perfect!!!

I know there are times we wish for a pause button, even for just an instance....but then it easy to remember why we would'nt ever wish to hold back time or miss even a moment of celebrating these miracle babies!!

Beautiful family my friend!!!

michelle said...

Happy Birthday Sammy! He really looks like a 2 year old, such a big boy! It sounded like the birthday boy had a great day!