Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zoo day with friends!

I know I've said it before, and it's just so true...we really love our Knoxville zoo.

We have zoo passes that have come in handy, since they do story time with a critter visit during the week and then have the "Wee Play" zone, an indoor play area for the kiddos - which has been just great entertainment for Sammy & I during the week. 

But know what's even better fun?  You guessed it...a day at the zoo with great friends!

Some of our friends invited us to join them last weekend to celebrate a birthday, and it turned into quite a little gathering!  And boy oh boy- did we all have fun!  The day was beautiful and the kids were all in great moods and we got lot's of fresh air, saw lot's of animals and just laughed the afternoon away.

Here's Sammy with his new ball cap on!   Ready to see some bears....
The Birthday Boy, and one of Simone's favorite people, arrives!  Simone just adores her pal FuDa and his little bro.  The moment they see each other it's like they never parted ways and the old game of chase starts up again. 

The rest of the photos I think can tell their own I'll just let them!

Now on to "Wee Play".....where we sure did play!

Here's the whole gang!  What a cute group of kiddos.....

It's great to see the friendships forming with these kids and the joy that they share when they play together!  I am so glad to have found such great pals for my kids and for Adam & myself as well!  Not only do the kids get to interact with other Asian adoptees, but we adults get to hang with other's just great!

To see more fun photo's check out Julie's blog over at:

She has a knack for taking really great pictures and capturing those happy moments so well!  Plus her kiddos are just so cute!


Heather said...

Goodtimes! Love the zoo.

michelle said...

What a great zoo! So much to do and the little ones looked like they had a lot of fun!

Julie and Dean said...

I love all of your pictures! The picture of Simone dressing SP cracked me up! SO glad we met your family, we love you guys!!