Sunday, February 6, 2011

And they danced....

Simone & Adam attended a "Daddy/Daughter" dance with the Girls Scouts in our area.   They had a great night together moving and grooving.
And prior to the event Simone and I had a great time getting ready!  We did our oatmeal & honey facials, painted our nails and I did Simone's hair with all sorts of lovely waves.  Sure I was stuck at home in my sweats for the night, but it was still fun being girlie with my girl! 

Don't they look wonderful!
A troop-mate and her Daddy joined us at the house for the magical evening of dance.  You may recognize the fellow below...he was our famous Santa! 

Ms. M and Simone have been great pals since we moved to TN and we've become good pals with her parents. The girls even ended up being in the same class this year, which has been a great treat for them!

And Sammy & I had our own treat last night because M's brother stayed with us to help out and play. Sam was in heaven and laughed and squealed and played like crazy until he literally passed out in my arms!

Look at these two dancing queens - they always have so much fun together!

 There was great music, games, crafts, goody bags and even some yummy food at the dance!  All things my dumpling is fond of!  Adam said she knew a lot of the girls there and had so much fun dancing and running around with them!  I love to see her so social and sure of herself!
 This photo I love...look at the little one next to them dancing!  I mean she is really grooving!  She's a cutie pie who is in the girls class as well!
 Just adorable, but so grown-up! 
 Doing the robot...?   She is so funny!
So if you ever feel like dancing the night away you know who will be more than happy to join you!


Julie and Dean said...

OH MY GOSH! My heart melted at the picture of Adam and Simone! Love the fact that they were able to have a fun dance night together.
Great seeing you the other night.

michelle said...

That is too adorable to have a daddy/daughter date.

Lisa said...

That just has to be one of the sweetest events ever ~ makes me *sigh*!

I spotted the festive corsage on her wrist too ~ I love that!

AND I love that she had a wonderful time both with Mama beforehand and with Daddy throughout the night!