Saturday, January 29, 2011


Yes, mischief.  That should be his middle name.  Well, that or determination.
But really, don't they go hand in hand.....
With Sammy Wei they certainly do.  He comes up with the craziest ideas to entertain himself and each one full of some sort of mischief.  And he carries through each act with such determination.  I am starting to think he strives to truly drive his Mama bananas! 
So let me share a bit of this mischievous little fellow....

His version of "snowboarding".  Glad I caught him before he reached the stairs!  (Lauren, you' ll need to give him some lessons here, not sure he gets it- I mean's a scooter)
 Yeah, not sure how this got in my hair or even what it is...but I rubbed it all in so it would be even harder to remove.  Your welcome.
 Planning the escape route.  I thought I'd have a little more time before he figured out how to get out the back door.  I especially like how he moved the rug for sturdier leverage.  And yes, he uses that darn stool to climb EVERYTHING.  It's now hidden.
One of his newest pleasures is charging down the back yard, full speed, yelling "woa woa woa waooooo" the whole way.  Poor doggies have no idea what to do, chase or run!
But really, who couldn't love this face.... those chocolate eyes, that button nose , that drool....
Oh good, dancing on the picnic table.  Yes, just what I like to see.  Oh - and with my newspaper in hand.  Great.
But we just love him so much, mischievous dumpling or not!  And a wonderful milestone happened this month.  It was long overdue and an oversight on our part...but we celebrated Samuel WeiChe's "re-adoption" this month.  One day before my Dad's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY!  XXXOOO) we met in a Judge's chamber and swore in person what we always knew in our hearts. 

He reacted to the big occasion by tossing the Judge's golf ball across the room...oh ya, that's my Sammy!
And don't think that his mischief is completely made on his own.  Oh no...he has an accomplice in many of his devious acts.  One Simone QingLu is charged with this title.  She likes to talk him into "dressing up" which includes doing his hair and trying on pretty shoes....

Mmm hmm.  Those sure are pink princess shoes and a hair bow.  Anything for the JeiJei.

And speaking of....
while I can't accuse her of too much mischief  I can accuse her of being a fashion queen...yep, she picked out this outfit and she rocked it!  Love her fashion style, always have!

So this is a snapshot into what has been keeping me so busy.  Now you truly know his name. It's mischief.  And he's mine all mine!

And on another note....
Thank you all for any prayers and thoughts you offered for my Uncle.  I do believe in the power of prayer and how strong it is.  But sadly cancer was stronger this time.  My uncle left us a little over a week ago.  He will be so, so very missed, not only by his family but by all who knew him.  He was that kind of special guy...he touched any and all who met him in such a positive way.  My heart breaks knowing he will no longer grace our world with his huge, happy and singing presence.  The few days my daughter spent with him are embedded in her thoughts and in her heart still, and she is sad to not share Sammy with him.  And as sad as I am for me...well... please send your sympathy and prayers to my Aunt and the brothers and sisters who loved him so much.  
   Aunt Moe Moe, you know I'm thinking of you and sending my love.



babycrockett2010 said...

So sorry to hear of your Uncle's passing. Your family will be in my prayers

Robin said...

So sorry for your Uncle's passing.
COngratulations on your re-adoption day. We still need to complete you are not alone in your time frame. I loved seeing Sammy's antics. Lauren is the same. SHe is on every table, moves a stool around the house to find more mischief and gets into EVERYTHING. I can only imagine how much they enjoyed their time together in Taiwan! We have to get these two together:)

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

our Noah could have that middle name! Sorry about your uncle. Congrats on readoption being done. We stillneed to do that.

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your Uncle's passing and please know that my prayers are being sent to you all. That's just so hard. *hugs*

But oh gosh, up until that note, I sure had a smile on my face with all the merriment your littlest brings! All tucked into a darling little man! And of course he has is ever faithful big sis to handle all the props and such! LOL *ya know he's gonna hate those pics one day; heh, heh, he....we have a few of our own too!

Lauren would love to show Sammy some snowboarding pointers, but honestly I think he looks like a natural! :)

So glad all is well and keep up the good work of being Mama to these two delights!!!!

michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle. Our thoughts & prayers are with you and your family.

Congratulations on your re-adoption. Don't worry about not doing it sooner. We filed our paperwork last February and are still waiting to hear from our court. They told us it would be a year.

Love all of those "mischief" stories. I could relate to a lot of them. But when they give you that smile, it's hard to stay mad at them.

Dunns said...

I'm so sorry to hear your family's loss. It's sounds like he was a wonderful man:)

Sammy is just a sweetie pie! He has the most kissable cheeks! xoxo And love all of Sammy's mischief..he definitely independent and smart!