Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pool fun in Florida

We started out our Florida trip hitting the heated pool at my In-Laws house. Simone has always loved the water and spent many seasons in this pool when we lived in FL. And although she has had swimming lessons, she just is a bit nervous to swim with no support, so we decided to try some arm floaties. After a few days she was just about ready to try without, so I bet by mid summer she'll be like a fish!

Now the ride down, as you may recall, was not the most pleasant trip I've ever taken. Poor Sammy was definitely not thrilled, and I think he may have caught the same bug that took both Adam & I down the week prior. He was not himself the first few days we were there, but like a trooper joined all the activities. Just with this cute little sourpuss on...
I just love him in his swim trunks though...such a cute little guy! And with his personality I had assumed we'd be in big trouble poolside, but he was actually fairly cautious. He did love floating around, but enjoyed the pool deck as well!

Here he is showing his Nonna the ropes of pool deck walking.

He's so cute!

And my sweet girl swimming the pool length. She had so much fun in the pool just splashing around. I can't wait for summer so she can get into the water again!
And sometimes you just need a cat nap, what can I say? This was more proof of just how icky poor Sammy Wei was feeling!

There's only so many photos I can allow on my blog of us in the pool...(meaning, pics of me are not going to make the cut...) so here I will end this post. I have plenty more photos to share of our other outings & excursions, and will be working to get those up in the next day or two.
And you'll be happy to know little Sam is all the way back to feeling better and has been giving his Mama quite a bit of exercise these past few days!
And I couldn't be happier!

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