Monday, April 5, 2010


Oh yes, one of our favorite part of our trip (besides seeing our family and friends) was the zoo.
We've been patrons of Lowery Park since Simone was a baby and love to spend the day there whenever we are in town. This was Sammy's first zoo trip and he just loved it! He squealed and screamed for all the animals and the petting zoo was a huge hit! Simone remembered lots of things and it was great to see it through her eyes as she gets older.

My sweet girl playing in the fountains but trying to stay dry. I love that she chose her animal print shirt to wear to the zoo, how clever!

One of the biggest treats at this zoo is being able to feed the giraffe's crackers. I have never been so close to an animal this large before. Sammy was in heaven and did not want to leave! I think he may ask for a pet giraffe for Christmas!
Or maybe a billie goat....
I couldn't get him to leave the petting zoo. He made so many funny noises petting the goats! I remember so clearly Simone's first time and how she loved it! Now she prefers the rides!

My two handsome fellows! Notice Sammy's facial expression...he did that with his mouth for about a week...too funny!

One of my favorite parts of the zoo, the Manatee area! There were quite a few of those sea cows in there, all being rehabbed from some sort of accident or disease. They came right up to the glass and you could really see them! Simone was awed by it, Sammy was actually a bit frightened though.

Simone made a friend!

And at this point Sammy decided it was time for a nap, in my arms of course, so the camera never made it out of the bag again.
What a fun day we had at the zoo! Can't wait to take the kids to the zoo here, and I think a zoo pass is in our future.

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Terry said...

Wow, I've been away tooo long and you have been very busy!

Sorry to hear that your road trip was a bust! We have had similar trips and they are NOT fun! I can re-assure you that the trips have gotten easier as the kids have grown older! Don't give up hope! And I do hope your plane ride home is much easier!

I love all the pictures!! It looks as through you are having a wonderful time!! Catching up with all your friends and family, lots of fun in the sun. Sammy and Simone must keep you smiling all day, that is the BEST! I can't decide which picture I like the best...the family pictures or the one of Sammy sleeping in the tube/raft or Simone at the zoo with her new friend? Too many to choose!!

I'm glad to see that your trip, upon arrival, turned out to be a great time!!!