Thursday, April 1, 2010

Park day!

And our vacation memories continue....

This park in Dunedin was my favorite park to bring Simone when we lived in FL. Many of our great friends met us there for a few hours of fun play!

Below is my friends handsome son (and also a terrific Bball player I am told!). I've known him since, well...since before he was born! And his Mom was my maid of honor and is still one of my closest pals! I cannot believe how big he's gotten!

And neither can Sammy apparently!
Hey big guy...hows the air up there?

Ah, that's better, more on my level! I was saying....

Fashion girl....Simone had lots of fun and made a few new friends on the playground.

And below is one of my favorite pals and her oh so sweet daughter! It was just so great to be able to see them and hang out, sure makes me miss my FL "family"!
Mmmmhmmmm...nothing better than a juice on a hot day!

Me and my little fellow! You can see in these pics how he was feeling, still not quite himself. Still so very cute though!

And Sammy meeting one of my other very close friends. She was at our house when we arrived home with Simone 5 years ago! So good to see her and her great family!
Here's Sammy and my friends daughter. The two are just weeks apart in age. They were so cute, just hanging on the slide together! Although Sammy looks a bit unhappy he really was quite taken with her. I think he passed out in my arms just moments later!

And Sammy meeting another one of my dear friends! Hopefully next time he'll be feeling great and get to enjoy all of the snuggles!
The park we play at has a marina adjacent to it and we took a walk along the pier to see the boats and fisherman coming in with their catches. It was very pretty....

And our friends came back to the house with the two kiddos. Sammy and A became friends quickly and had fun following each other around!

More photos to come!

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