Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring has certainly sprung here in East Tenn!  Some days it's felt as if Spring took an premature vacation and had Summer start to work a bit early-    it has been warm!

Now I know that every year I say I don't have a favorite season, and that is mostly true.  I love each season for it's own uniqueness and what it has to offer.
Summertime....cookouts, lazy hot afternoons, fireflies, swimming in the lake.
Autumn...all the pretty colors of the leaves, the feeling of coolness in the air, Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Winter...a time for  Mother Nature to take a break, the starkness of the landscape, a time to cuddle or play games by the fire.

But Spring.......well it's the time for all things new!  A fresh start all around with trees and flowers in bloom, birds chirping and chipmunks frolicking.  It's time for mornings sipping coffee on the back porch, afternoons at the playground, and for long family walks after dinner (with the 4 of us finally!).  The lawns on our street are all being mowed on weekends, our nieghbors are busy in their yards and the kids on the street can be heard playing in each other's yards after school.    

So yep, Spring would be my favorite season, if I had to pick one. 
At least until summer rolls around and I remember all that I love about that season...

So here's some pics of just what we've been doing to welcome this season of Spring!

Love those eyes!

And with warmer weather comes a chance to play with water in the back porch!  Sammy thought this was super cool (it wasn't the dog's dish which made me happy) and Simone painted the whole porch with water!  What a fun and easy way to stay busy!  They can do this for almost an hour if given the right tools!

Mmmmmm, and this water is super tasty right out of the cooler!

My sweet girl "in" our dogwood tree.

Hold my hand, big Sis, and I know I can make it!
Wait for me Simone!
Simone and her Dad in Aunt Jody's tree!

Isn't he handsome! 

My big girl, playing ball with her Dad.

Who knows what the next few weeks of Spring will bring!   But I do look forward to the surprises each day brings... to see what lovely new flowers are blooming in my nieghbors gardens, to figure out what veggies we will plant in ours, to hear the new words my little fellow will speak and to be proud of all new things my big girl will decide to do or try!  

I'm also curious to see if this whole "spring cleaning" thing will make it to my house...I tend to think that it, like spring, may skip our neck of the woods this year!  Oh well, there's always next Spring.


Heather said...

Fall used to be my favorite, but I think I have changed and like spring better. Pre-mosquito spring, that is. Once the biting bugs are out it goes downhill for me.

Love the paint the porch with water idea. Might have to give that a try!

Lisa said...

What a clever and creative idea to keep both kiddos happily engaged AND doing something together no less!! Good for you Mama ~ they both SO happy & busy!

What a couple of Spring cuties you have there too!! Love those sunshine smiles!

Honestly Spring has always been my least favorite in large part because up here its always March snow :( April showers and lots of 'em...iffy May and then summer! LOL BUT this year its been amazing. amazing! So I loved your thoughts on each season and have to agree that each one brings its own unique gift!

As to the Spring cleaning??? Ugh...just trying to keep the house "show ready" at this point!


Terry said...

I don't think I can pick any one favorite season....there are many things that I like about each one of them, so I think I just like them all!

I have the same thoughts about your pictures....I liked the one of Sammy peeking over the swing, but then diving in the cooler was cute too, and Simone under the tree with Dad, that's adorable! And the one with his little tounge sticking out, CUTE! So I just love them ALL!

We were just talking about what veggies we wanted to plant this year and watermelon was chosen, again. We haven't had much luck growing them, but we will try again. Happy Spring! :)