Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everyday life

I started this blog about a year and a half ago to keep a written record of our adoption journey to our son in Taiwan. Amazing the differences a year can make! I have so enjoyed using this blog to not only keep family and friends updated on our adoption stats, but to write my feelings on adoption in general - my own and my children’s and the joys and complications that come from adoption. And I've used this blog to post the occasional photo of some event or milestone in our lives. 

This blog became a stress reliever as well as a way to express my emotions, frustrations and excitments. It helped me to sort through all of my swirling thoughts and cope with the "roller coaster ride" called adoption our family just took part in. 

But alas... things have been busy in these parts and I find my writings fewer and my random picture posting more frequent.   I get comments from my family and friends these days saying they look forward to seeing the photos and videos I post of the kids, however random they may be.  It's a way for my parents, aunts/uncles and friends to see the kiddos even though we are a fair distance apart.  So with that in mind I gladly will change directions, slightly, and continue to post as many photos as I can of our everyday life. And as time allows I'll post my latest musings and thoughts and stories...having two at home provides plenty of material, just not enough time to get it all down on paper!

So here are my latest "random photos".  I realize there are more of Sammy than Simone, but that's because she's at school for 1/2 a day and sometimes when she gets home we are just to busy for me to get the camera back out (okay...truth is they are handfulls together...  A force to be reckoned with! I can barely keep up, never mind follow with a camera!)
Below is one of Sammy Wei's typical daily activities...chatting on his pink phone.  He gets it off the play kitchen and walks around the house saying "heyugh" and "argafram".  Very important clients I am assuming....
Notice also the Ollie dog leash on the floor.  Yep, another fav activity, trying to make Oliver put his leash on.  He terrorizes follows the poor dog around during this sport, loudly yelling things like "aawwggie" and growling!  Good excersize for both, right?

And below is the vew of my dumpling wearing his sister's crown.  And yes he put it on all by himself, thank you very much!

Oh don't I look smashing!

And to the park we go....Sammy has been very slowly warming up to the feeling of sand on his feet and hands.  This day he actually started to dig a bit....

And to eat it a bit....just a taste really!  Hey, can't be worse than dog food, can it?

Hmm........ yep still not sure about this sand situation. 

Ohhh...there's my sweet girl!  Can you get any more Diva'd up for fishing?

And I'm not called "Sam Bam" for nothing!  I move small cities with one flip!

So those are my photos of the week!   Maybe this week I'll be able to catch up to these two gooses and take some more pics...maybe not.  I'm guessing probably not...they are just so fast! 


Lisa said...


*smile* Oh Jen, I love your posts whether they be sentimental, filled with thoughtful ponderings or the "everyday"!! It's that peek into your world that keeps us coming back time & again and of course smiling!

I would miss my fix of your cutie pies, so I'm grateful that you continue to share as you can!

I have been finding it harder and harder to carve out the time as well and I say the same thing about every day or week....maybe tomorrow or next week! LOL

The photos are just darling and look at that big boy tipping over a whole roadway! A fella after our dumpling's heart!!

Hugs and enjoy each & every crazy day....I know you are!! Me too! :)

Mark & Kris said...

Thanks for all the great photos!! I have no time to blog either, so don't feel bad!!! Give your kiddos a hug!!! Kris