Sunday, March 28, 2010

Road Trip

Oh Ya Baby...Road Trip!
Woo hoo.

Sounds good huh? A cool road trip...grand idea, just grand. Well, it sounded so anyway when this fab little trip was all being planned in our heads.

You may say, "Now Jen, you sound a bit sarcastic when you say that".
And you know would be correct!

Somehow, someway, Adam and I decided a road trip to visit family and friends in Florida would be a great idea for Spring break. It's only a 10 hour drive after all, and we've done it quite a few times with Simone. So here we go, pack it up, hit the road, ya'll.

Two adults, two kiddos and two dogs....
Yep I realized too late just how outnumbered Adam and I were.
But I digress. The point is, the whole "road trip" idea was way outa our league and we just didn't realize it until it was too late.

It all started out going well. We get the car loaded with food, suitcases, car games. We toss in the two panting dogs (now drugged and hopefully soon sleeping), the kids get buckled in (unfortunately Not drugged...) and we are off.

45 Minutes into the trip I utter the fatal words we've all been guilty of speaking....

"This is going well- better than I expected really. This is going to be a fun road trip".

Oh ya, if only I had known....
About 10 minutes later the baby woke up screaming, the Sponge B*b episode Simone was enjoying ended, and the so called "Natural Relaxer" drugs we used on the dogs has worn off. And I'm hungry. And we have nine flippin hours left in this fun little"road trip".

Flash forward a few hours...I've got baby puke inside my shirt, Oliver is close to a legit heart attack he's panting so hard, Simone still hasn't gotten a new movie put in and is protesting this quite loudly. And I am still hungry. And I smell. Bad.

So I'm sorta regretting my words from a few hours ago and yet still I have to go on and say, "Well Adam, it really can't get much worse, right?".

Oh evil gods of sarcasm.....

It did.

Because Sammy decided at that moment, to poop. Stinky, stinky stuff too, which we usually can get him to do in another more desirable area. Like the toilet. But flying down the interstate well, there was just no other option. Did I mention how it stunk? Up the whole van? Bad?

Now he's screaming again, Simone's waking up and she's hungry now, the dogs are both panting and the car stinks. On the positive side, I'm no longer hungry, but only cause I stink so bad it's spoiled my appetite.
So naturally I have to ask..."Hey Adam, how much longer till we get to Clearwater?"
To which he replies "About five hours, give or take". Oh for the love of Pete! So not the response I wanted to hear.

Did it get any better, you ask?

Nope. But we made it there in just over 12 hours (yep, a 10 hour trip in 12 hours, not too shabby) and once we finally got there things improved quickly. After a nice night sleep, a nice hot shower and some good breakfast we were all ready for our mini vacation.

Once time allows I should have some photos to share. We've been hitting every pool and playground in the county it seems and now we are all relaxing while listening to the rain. Nice.

Oh, and just so you know...Simone, Sammy and I will be flying back. This road trip stuff is for the birds!


QingLu Mama said...

Home safe & sound

Lisa said...

Well my friend, the beauty of reading this all backwards is that I KNOW it ended beautifully and if your photos tell the story ( and I bet they do!) a fab time was had by all!

Car trips can be for the birds....we are tested often with our 4 hour jaunt to my folks....this last time? Lexi(dog) pooped during our potty stop and I of course, being ever observant stepped right into it....yeah, fun.

I hear ya...I hear ya....welcome home!!

Sorry this is coming SO darn late!