Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It seems like yesterday....

It really does! But no, it was five years ago...today.

It was in a hotel elevator area on the other side of the world that I first met my beautiful daughter. Five years of amazing love and growth and togetherness. Five years I would not have traded for...well...all the tea in China, ha ha!

I still remember the moment when we first glimpsed our daughter, face full of tears and misery. What a difference five years have made! Her face on this special morning is full of smiles, sunshine and sweetness!

Does she remember that day? No, not really. Does she remember her birth country and all she left behind? No, not really. Does she understand the significance of today, how important and special it is to us? Again, not really. But still we will celebrate! Of course we do, because it is one of the most special days of my life- one of the most important moments of my very being...becoming a first time Mom. In a hotel waiting area in a country half way around the world....

Below is a photo of the Center of Adoption Affairs. What an intimidating looking building, to handle such life changing affairs!

Below is the indoor garden area of The White Swan Hotel....a hotel well known by Chinese adoptive families! We so enjoyed our time spent there and cherish the memories of the bonds formed while staying there.

And a family photo, outside a Buddhist Temple.

So Happy Five Year Forever Family Day, my sweet and wonderful daughter! Even though it feels like yesterday that I met you, you've been in my heart forever!

Mama (J)

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