Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh long time no post!

Something I like to call the far side of miserable swept through our humble abode the last two weeks! Let's see...Simone and Adam got nasty colds which they passed along to us, which led to Sammy getting an ear infection, oh and in the midst....Simone caught a stomach flu. My oh my...what a time!
By Friday we were all appearing hale and hardy.... when Adam and I (oh yep, BOTH of us!) got some very miserable bug all weekend, complete with fever and body ache (did I say ache...really it was much more like body torture)...which all together came down to "the far side of miserable" for our usually merry household! Even the doggies seemed to feel the strain of it all!

Posting, and even taking photos, became an impossibility. So here I sit with just a few random photos to share. Not even any good stories, well.... none you'd really care to hear anyway!

Since the weather has been warmer, Sammy and I have been spending time on the back porch. He has learned quickly how to climb the picnic table to play with toys or eat a snack!

Oh swing set, you are so close...and yet so very very far!
He tried so hard to walk all the way.
Isn't he so cute!

And the two below...
Well he has been feeding himself lately and doing a great job of getting some of the food actually into his mouth. The rest, well the rest he wears. It'll be all the rage on the runways this season, you just wait and see...
At least he has fun!

And last is a cute video I took. Please excuse the messy counters...i took this in the middle of either preparing or cleaning up dinner. And the mop was dry...no chemicals yet! Sammy just loves to mimic people and sweeping/mopping are his favs! But, Simone aways gets a wet mop on cleaning days to "help" me clean, so he's taking her job from her... I love her response to him doing it though!

Hopefully we will have some post worthy events to share soon! And some more photos of both my sweet babes!
Until then, stay on this side...I know we will!

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Lisa said...

Oh no!!! Sniffles, body aches...ickies galore?? NO NO NO

Now I thought we had already covered this....I clearly remember telling you that your beautiful family had already had its fair share of the germies!!! K? :)

OH, so sorry to hear of the sick dust...and GLAD its all settled!

The pics are beyond darling and video sure made me smile!!