Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Decisions, decisions....

What to do, what to do....

See it's like this, last night as I was reading Simone the book "I Love You Like Crazy Cakes" she asked me what the Mommy in the book did, as in work. Not sure where this was going I asked what she thought she did. Simone wasn't too sure...maybe she sold chocolates or something.

Then she said, with a sigh "I guess I won't be able to adopt any babies when I am grown up".

Naturally I asked "why not?" thinking this was about adoption, wondering where this would lead...ya know, the whole "where do babies come from" discussion flashing through my brain!

But she said "Because, I'll be too busy being a doctor all day, and where will I put my children when I'm helping people?'

Ohhh, I see.

Okay, so I say "Well, I am so glad you've made such an admirable career choice at such a young age. But....Dr. B is a Mommy and she works helping people. Perhaps you will be able to do both as well."

To which she replies "Yes, but after being a Doctor all day I'll have to work in the library, and you know how kids are in the library. Remember when we went the other day- we were loud. They won't like me bringing my children while I'm the worker."

Wow, two careers choices in one night. But I must wonder why she thinks she can either have a career or be a Mom. I wonder if my choices have led her to think that she can have only one or the other. Sure I'm not a "working Mom" at this point, but I have done both and we have plenty of friends that do both.

So I got to thinking about all this. And I remember now what I wanted to be when I grew up. My "career choice"? Well~ I wanted to be a Mom.
Yep, just a Mom, preferably living on a farm with lots of animals (to love, not to eat) and married to Ken. Yes, Barbie's main squeeze was my choice of spouse. Can't you just picture him in bib overalls mucking out a stall? Well I sure could.

As we all know, life didn't turn out exactly like that, but I had a career and will again once my babies are just a bit older. And for now I am doing exactly what I wanted, being a Mom (minus the farm and the fake hubby).

So now that I've had time to think this all through...
I am grateful we live in a Country where my daughter and myself do have the freedom to choose where our lives take us, the careers we want to embark on - be it Doctor, Librarian, Mom, Farmer.... or all of the above! With hard work and determination my daughter can do anything she wants! And I know my sweet girl will find the right path for her in her own time, and for now I just want her to be a kid! We can work out the rest as we go...


Lisa said...

Oh, I know with her intelligence, compassion, courage and yes, even beauty ( hey, it never hurts, right??) she can and will have it all!

Its so intriguing how their minds work at any given time and how they see both the big picture, with small dashes of individual moments, both at the same time!

So many possibilities and I couldn't agree more....thankfully the world is their's to shape and define and what more could we ask for...for them!

Well, maybe asking for a Ken wouldn't hurt either. LOL Laughing cuz I SO thought I would marry Ken too...except I named him "Nick". :) Plus I desperately wanted to be a fashion designer, ice cream truck driver, nurse and a Mama.....depending on the day of course! :)

Thanks for sharing this slice of Simone heaven today!

Lisa said...

:) Hey lady...I left ya a little something at my blog. I KNOW you may not have time to play, but I sure wasn't gonna leave ya out!


Mark & Kris said...

You sound like me!! I always said all I wanted to be was a mommy whenI grow up, too. Nothing can beat it!!! Kris