Wednesday, June 10, 2009

we grow em big...

Apparently we grow em big here. I had no idea we even grew them here and I really am not sure of even what they are, to be honest. I've seen those icky earwigs (I call them pincer bugs) but this thing floored me!

Here's how the story goes. Simone was, um shall we say using the facilities last night and of course went to wash her hands when finished. I peeked in to make sure all was OK when I saw this thing coming up out of the sink. was like in a bad movie. I screamed and pulled Simone back, and then of course grabbed the camera! Simone grabbed as many items (toys and such) she could and moved them onto the porch! She looks calmer in the video than she was when this all happened. She was screaming, and below you can see why!

So after a while we went back in to make sure it hadn't gotten out and it was gone. Simone went immediately outside and would not come back in until Daddy came home.

I took these with my camera so the clarity is not great but I thought her reaction was cute.

Daddy came home and poured drano down all of the sinks so hopefully we will never have that problem again! Simone still won't use the downstairs bathroom though! J

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Suzy Hall said...

Awwwwww! Hahaha, that's hilarious! She's so huge, I can't even get over it! Note to self: do not send Simone a centipede for her birthday! ;o)