Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birthday pictures...finally!
We had such a fun time celebrating Simone's 5th Birthday almost two weeks ago. My mom, her Grammie, came to visit and help celebrate. Simone was her shadow for the whole 3 days and so enjoyed having her there!
Thanks Mom for coming...We love ya!

Here's a picture of the cake that Auntie Jody made for Simone. Isn't it just lovely!

And the birthday girl in all her glory (notice the crown!!)! She got some wonderful and creative gifts. It was really a special and fun weekend!

And what a sport Grammie is! Look at them swing!

One of the cool gifts Grammie got Simone was a paint-able sun catcher project. Simone loved doing this with her and we have them proudly displayed on the french doors!

And of course a beauty queen can't go out looking anything but spectacular! Too bad her hair is so soft and straight - the curls certainly didn't hold...but she sure looked cute in curlers!

We had a very small party at a park near our house. We had a pinata, hot dogs swimming and lots of fun! Here's Simone w/ BFF's family. Think she's comfortable around them...

Oh, and did I mention the rain? Good thing our friends and family don't melt! It came down in buckets! But we waited it out and the sun shone again!

The girls took a break from the festivities to read a book. Aren't they cute!

We had an egg race too! It was humorous to watch and the kids had a blast doing it!

"It's time to go M!" Now where could she be?
I guess she didn't realize her balloon would give away her exact whereabouts!

Lovin on Grammie! I think Grammie got her fair share of hugs!

Whatever did you girls get into?
The answer would be "Sponge Bob crushed ice" Hmmm

So that was our birthday fun weekend! I can't believe my little one is five years old! Wow. But she is such a good, sweet and funny little five year old! I am so happy for the years we've had together!

And no news on my little guy. We are all sooooooo ready for Wei-Che to come home and start getting to know his family! Each day I check the email 100-178 times and a big ole nuthin is waiting there from our agency!
Well, I have faith, really I do. And I know it will happen soon, I mean it's only been 36 days and we were told 1-3 months, so we are still on the shorter end of the spectrum. But honestly that really doesn't matter...I want him home now!

Hope all of your weekends are great, wonderful and filled with fun!


Michelle said...

What a wonderful day Simone had! Love the pictures and your princess is beautiful!

Thank you for your very kind words on my blog! :) You are very sweet!

I know how you feel waiting for little man's ruling. The last two months were very hard for me, especially last month. We waited 59 days for our civil ruling, hopefully yours will come sooner!!

Lisa said...

Gosh, now that looks like a party! Both celebrations looked like tons of fun and just perfect for a princess! The cake was BEAUTIFUL and oh how I wish I could create a masterpiece like that!

And rain didn't spoil her big day and I love that!! I know how you LOVED having Grammy for a special visit and I hope she's back again soon! Maybe to help welcome that beautiful baby boy home!! :)

You know I'm praying.....and I so well remember checking that inbox a gazillion times a day through the week......I hope today or tomorrow brings that good news my friend!
big hugs!!
Simone looked beautiful, as always, in all the pics. but I'm especially fond of the curlers shot!! Very glam!!