Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dragon Boat Race fun

This weekend we attended the Dragon Boat Races at our favorite local swimming hole! This is the third year we've attended her in Tenn and we had a fun and entertaining day as usual. Well, this year was a little extra fun, because Simone had some cousins visiting as well! We had a wonderful weekend with them and Simone was very sad to see them go.

Below is one of the many races. This year was the biggest I've seen so far. The races help raise money for some local charities and food banks so we have fun and the community gets helped. I am inspired by all of the volunteers who stuck it out on one hot and muggy day.

Our local FCC Chapter (Families with Children from China) along with the local Asian community set up a booth with arts and crafts and information about the history of the races as well as photos of places in China like the Great Wall, Hong Kong and Forbidden City, as well as some of authentic Chinese dishes and examples of Dim Sum.

Below is the Dragon Boat the FCC brought along. A slightly smaller and more kid friendly version. Simone kept time with the drums and ordered her cousin to row!

There was also a Tai Chi demonstration. It was really neat to watch, the kids were very good and quite focused.

And after a fun day at the lake we went downtown for dinner. Simone spied Mama's favorite flowers (black eyed susans) and we stopped to let the kids put they're feet in the water. We also took some pictures because it was just too pretty not to! Below is Simone and her two cousins. They took such great care of her and really spoiled her. She loved every minute of it too!

Ah, my sweet thing....

So there was a glimpse at our fun day at the races.

No news on when Wei-Che will be coming home. We are still waiting for our first ruling. It has been 40 days since the hearing and we've been told 1-3 months so we are still in the early part of the time frame. But of course that does not make the days go by any easier. I swear my computer is going to start grumbling at me if I don't stop hitting the refresh button to see if maybe, just maybe that very special email has come in. I dream of my far away baby every night, and I know I am not alone in that.

So lets shake up the whole of Taiwan and get some hearings, rulings and hey let's throw in some referrals while we are at it. OK now, on the count of three everyone jump up and down...


Did it work?

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Lisa said...

Oh what a glorious weekend you all had & I loved getting this wonderful glimpse!! Simone looked SO HAPPY to be with her cousins and they looked equally delighted!!

We hope to attend the Dragon Boat races in Chicago this year, so this just wet my apetite!! :) And yes, I do in fact have dumplings on my mind! LOL mmmmmm....

I know your far away baby feels the love and wishes you send each night & day too......every week I hope this will be THE week you receive some news that brings him one big step closer to your waiting arms.

Thinking of you....and oh yes, I counted too...for you all!!