Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday to my precious girl!

It's amazing that today you turn five years old! You have grown up so much over the last year, and soon you will be starting Kindergarten and growing even more.

What a gift this world received 5 years ago today. I am certain there is another woman thinking of you today, and she is probably hoping that you are safe, healthy and loved. I so wish I could reassure her of all of these things, and of course thank her for bringing my greatest gift and most incredible joy into this world.

Happy Happy Birthday, sweetheart!


Michelle said...

It's not just right how they grow SO fast, is it? Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl! :)

Lisa said...

Oh, happy happy birthday sweet girl!! I know how much joy you have brought and continue to bring to so many! Wishing you joyful days and unlimited blessings ahead!!
Lisa & Lauren