Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update day, its update day!

Oh man do I LOVE update day!
And I am also sooooo in love with my little Wei-Che and all of his adorableness! His measurements were taken on May 26 (Adam & my anniversary...) and he was 23.03 inches and 13.23 pounds. He is obviously being well taken care of and looks pretty happy and very healthy. So I now can't wait to meet him even more.

My Dad says it looks like he just ate some M&M's & is saying "boy was that good" in this shot...

Isn't he just so cute! Look at those feet!
And here's the last picture.
Ohhhh...sweet baby boy! I just want to pick him up and cuddle him!

And finally his video. I think we've already watched it 12 times! Adam swears he's a lefty like his big sis! And she is sooo ready to bring him home. She was as excited as we were to see his new photos!

So these pictures and the video will keep a big smile on my face for atleast another 2 weeks. Then I'll start counting the days till we get new ones...



Suzy Hall said...

I am already head over heels in love. =o)

Robin said...

Aw, he is just so cute. He looks very content and happy in the pictures:)

Lisa said...

Oh, Jen....

Simply beautiful!! M&M's maybe, but I think he knows these photos are being sent all the way to his loving and excited family!! He just exudes sweetness and he is so active, alert and precious! I've watched twice already and will probably be back to peek again before the night is out!

He may very well be a lefty and we thought the same thing about Ty! Right now he is using both hands equally so only time will tell!! I also noticed that his fingers look so long and even elegant for such a tiny sweet pea! Maybe the hands of a major league pitcher or surgeon! :)

I believe in my heart that you in the final stretch now and am praying your good news arrives this coming week! Thinking of you all......he's just gorgeous!