Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"She thinks my tractor's sexy"

Oh boy do I ever...

OK so it's not really a "tractor" it's a riding lawn mower, but I still enjoy seeing him ride around on his new toy. You see we've lived here for over 2 & 1/2 years and we've got a good size yard (we affectionately call it the 4 hour mow!) and my man finally decided to by a rider and retire the poor old push mower.

Isn't he cute!

And Simone got to take a spin also- and she just loved it. Don't worry, Adam took every precaution and went ultra slow for her twirl around the yard.

The doggies love when the whole family is outside. They enjoy hunting for critters and sniffing the property lines. And now they have a new hobby...lawn mower chasing! I couldn't get it on film, I was too nervous they'd get hurt so I was busy chasing after them. Oh ya, our neighbors probably get a good laugh whenever our family is in the yard! After a while they tired out and relaxed with me. Yes, that's as relaxed as Emma really gets when in the yard. There's just too much to see, chase and play with!

You know I have to do a goofy post on occasion, to lighten up my mood! so that was my silly post of the month.

And just as an aside to the post below... adoption does not take up that much space in our actual lives, more in my mind than anywhere else. I guess I just never thought forward to the effects it would have on our children when we decided to adopt from China/Taiwan.
Being an adult adoptee I foolishly thought that I.A. was just like domestic. And in so many ways it is -a family is formed, but there are definite differences that I am now realizing. Nobody ever guessed my bro and I were adopted-we look enough like our parents to not have it questioned. But with Simone it is a bit more obvious, and she hears the comments from strangers... the questions. And my sweet girl is very perceptive so she gets that it's about adoption, about her.

No new news about our little Wei-che, although we are hoping to get some updates this week. I cannot wait to see how much he has grown...but at the same time it is so hard to watch him grow without us. He turned 4 months old yesterday, and I hope not too many more months go by before we get to finally hold him. It's so odd how you can so deeply miss somebody you've never actually met. Well... soon my darling boy I'll be holding you!


Lisa said...

Oh, that ridingn lawn mower looks like FUN! :) And it will free up labor hours for more family time, while providing the family pooches with a work-out! giggle.....

Ya know what else? Scott's suddenly peeking over my shoulder making noises about that mower....guys and their toys!! :)

Oh Jen, I soooooo hope & pray you hear something soon and get that First Ruling. I know its coming....and I know the waiting is so hard.

And sweet Simone....I often wish folks would filter a bit of their comments or questions; its hard to be so little and carry such a burden. It hurts my heart that our kiddos have to shoulder so much; I pray it will help to make them open-minded, tolerant and strong young people! Hugs to you all!!

I hate that I'm gonna miss those updates....but by golly I'll still fill your comment section right up when I'm back to bloggy world!! ;) And you know that's not an empty threat...i can do it!lol

Have a grand week!!!! Lisa

Bernadine  Koster said...

I think you would love your hubby even more when you see him ride a tractor! It looks like he is enjoying every moment with the lawn mower. And your daughter seems to enjoy the “ride” too. Well, I think it will be a good bonding time. You can spend quality time with the kids and mow the lawn at the same time. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!