Monday, March 23, 2009

So, what happens now...

Well, I stay on this cloud for as long as possible! I look at Wei-Che's pictures and video, oh say 1 million times a day and smile huge and sigh big...

Oh, but what happens now as far as the process to actually bring him home. OK, I copied some info from other blogs as far as the process, but I had to "dummy it down" for my brain. So the process is a bit more complicated and involved than I have below, but it goes something like this.

1. Adam & I get our Dossier together. These are the documents that need to be notarized and then "authenticated" through the State and then brought to the TECO office in Atlanta. Once we get that done and all of the paperwork is sent to JOH, we get logged into the courts.

2. The 1st Hearing. 1-3 months after we are logged in. This provides the Judge (in Taiwan) with all of the information provided by us and the birth family that he/she will need to make a final decision on the adoption.

3. Part I of Final Decree(First Ruling). 1-3 months after first hearing. This is a statement signed by the judge that is forwarded to all of the parties involved in the adoption process. It serves as notice of his/her decision to finalize the adoption. Now there is a 10 day waiting period before any further court action can occur, and this also allows 10 days for the birth family to be certain of their decision regarding the adoption.

4. Part II of Final Decree (Second Ruling). 2-6 weeks after the 1st ruling. Well, that's when Wei-Che officially becomes our son.

5. We then wait for our AIT immigrant visa appointment, which will take place in Taiwan. The wait time for this has been varying, as there is a lot of paperwork that needs to get filed and changed in Taiwan in order for us to bring him home. Once we have our Final Decree it's possible we'll have a more accurate time frame.

So that is the process as far as I understand it. We really just have to wait for the legal work to be completed in Taiwan. And yes, the wait will be very hard, but he will be in very good hands and very well taken care of until we can go get him.

But it's so different from the process with Simone! We didn't know her, or know of her, until 2 months prior to traveling, and then we only got two little photos and some brief medical information. Now we have a longer wait, but we'll get monthly photo & video updates until we get there. So, I had less "wait" time for Simone, but less information about her prior to meeting her. Either way, I know the moment I held her was the start of my life as a Mama... and when I get to hold him that same rush of Mama Love will come.
And our family will be complete!

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