Monday, March 2, 2009

3 months and counting...still

Yep, we have officially hit the 3 month mark. You know, where we originally thought it would be 1-3 months, so we'd be at the max now, but in reality its just the start of our wait, again.

Yep, 3-6 months, more. Do I sound a bit sad, blue or maybe disappointed? Well, I am. I know, I know...what is meant to be will be, things happen the way they do for a reason. Heard it, know it and get it. Still...

Anyway, to celebrate our big three months, or maybe to cheer me up, Adam suggested we start on the nursery. What a surprise for me, and a pleasant one at that.
We spent half the weekend moving the guest bedroom furniture out and then pulling out the changing table, dresser and bookshelves and figuring out where everything will go and what else we need.
I also painted, a very soothing pale green. Well actually, Simone and I painted-she was my big helper! She really did a great job and truly helped to move things along. And best of all she is thrilled to know she helped get the room ready for the baby and she is very impressed with her own hard work.
But... now she thinks her baby brother (or sister we keep reminding her...) will be coming home any day, or any moment. She wanted to get diapers and bottles at the store yesterday so we'd be ready for him! First thing she wanted to do this morning was to go in there and just look at the room.
So once all the paint is dry we'll start setting up the actual nursery and getting curtains and new crib sheets and any other baby stuff we find we need. Very exciting, and as my one friends said "if you paint it, he will come". So come on already!

I'm truly not holding any hope that we'll hear anything any time soon. (but some time in March would be quite nice) I know once the room is put together it will be hard to not have a snuggly little baby to put in there, but I think it will give us all hope that the day will come! .

And after finding a ladybug last week (considered good luck or a sign of good things to come) I had thought maybe we'd hear soon, and my very sweet friend helped put it into a great perspective by saying in an email "perhaps Friday was the day your beautiful baby's paperwork arrived at TWCA or his/her birthday?" Thanks Lisa, that was a great boost that was much needed!

So, 3 months and counting...


Lisa said...

Oh gosh, you give me way too much credit on your blog my sweet friend! :) You are wonderful!!

I'm so sorry that you and others are enduring this extra delay and I still believe that your good news is COMING and sooner than later!!

The beginnings of your baby's room sound wonderful and I LOVE that Simone rolled up her sleeves and got involved too! It IS hard for them to understand the wait and my heart goes out to her too!!

Okay, now that ladybug just cannot let us down!!

Thinking of you and sending big hugs!!

loffer said...

I know that when we got on the waiting list we were told it would take from six weeks to three months, so at six weeks I was already emailing Tien saying, "O.k., it's been six weeks and I'm ready for my referral!"

I'm glad that you get to begin getting the nursery ready! Things like that (and shopping for new stuff, of course) really are therapy to help us through the wait.

Hope you get some great news soon!,

Lora O.

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

I know waiting hurts, but try to think just what Lisa said, that was very sweet. I love that you have started painting the room and decorating (I also love plae green... it was my wedding cake with spring flowers). Great job, beautiful Simone... mommy needs her little helper.

You know what helped me a bit, getting out to somewhere green, a park, somewhere and just hold your little girl and swing. I know the ache of missing someone you've never met, but you are one strong mama and you can be blue but you will make it through this... we're gonna drag you along. ;0) j/k You have been an awesome strength on my blog and I am hoping every minute for your peace of spirit and the safety of your little ones in your home and and still to come! And the little one will come. =0) sara.sofa