Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our first video of Wei-Che

Here's our first video of our little boy! He is so alert and bright eyed and well, I think he is just darling! I am so glad to be home with Adam & Simone to be able to enjoy this with them finally!

Daddy & Pappa see a baseball player in the future, look at those hands! I see a bundle of sweetness and I am just so in love... I think we all are! Simone is very excited about her baby brother and has been carrying a photo of him around with her. We are all so thrilled and feel so blessed that this moment has come!



Lisa said...

Oh Jen, what a glorious & beautiful baby boy! I only have a moment ( always crazy in the a.m. around here :) ) but so tickled I checked and got to see his sweet face! And yes, he is soooo active, alert and focused....amazing!

I know you must still be walking around on cloud nine and I'm smiling for you so big once again today! I love that Miss Simone is carrying his photo around with her and today she can show her friends! How exciting!

Have you found yourself sneaking lotsa little peaks at the video? Say like.....12 or 13 times a day! LOL And each time you will find something new...a new angle...a fresh nuance....falling more in love with each glimpse.....

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....I gotta go...but so happy for you!!

couey2007 said...

That is one great video! I just love the part where she tickles him and he appears to be laughing. Now I bet you just can't wait for that UPATE!!! Waiting and waiting it seems to never end!

Michelle C, AL

Nicole said...

YAY-a video-thanks for sharing-he's adorable and i love his name Wei-che! :) Too cute.
so happy for you guys!

White's Journey to Taiwan said...

Oh Jen
What a beautiful, beautiful baby boy!!! He is so vibrant and active. Just precious!!!

And, I love that Simone carries a photo of him with her. You gave me a wonderful idea. When we receive our referral, I want to get a locket for Anna Grace to put her baby sister's picture in--so she can carry her with her all the time while we wait and after she comes home.

Thank you for posting this wonderful video and allowing all of us to enjoy your precious boy and your wonderful news!!!

Staci said...

Congratulations!! He's adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! My name is Heather. I just found your blog yesterday. I am so happy for you about your referral!! I read your entire blog last night and this morning. I would love to speak with you about your journey to your second baby. My husband and I just signed up with JOH. We have no children, well we have one very spoiled Golden Retriever who is almost 13 years old. I can be reached on my email at We are so excited to become parents!! I look forward to corresponding with you. Heather