Monday, March 9, 2009

parks, princess's and mud pies

Yep, we had glorious weather here this past weekend (hope it was for you too, wherever you are!)
We had a great weekend of fun, most of it outdoors. We just love the parks near our house... there is a mixture of water, sand, playgrounds and walking paths, plus all of the ducks & geese and people with their dogs. Our friends joined us Saturday for an afternoon at "The Cove", along with their sweet little girl, whom Simone just adores!
Here the two girls are, all independent, heading to the sand to play!
I think she is getting used to me testing out my new camera. She poses on cue now!

OK, so it's not quite the real beach...but it is sand and water, two elements irresistible to Simone, and to her pal too! They dug and made castles with the wind blowing and the sun shining on them! It was just a beautiful day and the parents got to sit and enjoy a bit!

And well, my darling couldn't resist getting in the water too...
I couldn't take pictures of that, I was too busy telling her to get out... It was freezing!
Notice the wardrobe change below....I obviously didn't tell her "no water, Missy" fast enough- or loud enough, and Daddy kindly gave up his shirt...

Well, after a fun filled afternoon at the park we decided to head Downtown for a bite to eat.
Of course a girl can't go out in just any old thing...They had to princess it up a bit. Thanks J for letting Simone borrow the snazzy clothes.

Yep, they love to chatter. This in depth conversation was all about Max & Ruby. Very important stuff.

And we finished the evening with ice cream. Goofy girl...
Yesterday it was all about the garden and yard. Simone made some lovely mud pies while we worked in the yard...Icky, but hey, she was content and we got a lot done!

So that was our super fun weekend. What an amazing blessing family is, and how wonderful it is to have such a great time just "hanging out".

Of course we're still waiting on some good adoption news, like a phone call with the caller saying "hello Jennifer, I have a referral for you". I think now that the nursery is painted, I feel a bit more calm. OK, not really- but I feel like I've made some forward movement, and after such a busy and fun weekend I do feel a bit calm (read-I am exhausted...). Plus, I have plans to fly to Florida this Thursday for the weekend (Yep, just'll be Daddy & daughter weekend back home) to see all my "girls" and some sweet new babies, so this really is not a good week to get the news, therefore I am able to put it out of my head.

Until I get back anyway...



Lisa said...

Oh Yikes! This is what I get for emailing before checking the blog!! LOL The recap of your glorious weekend was awesome! What fun it looked like you were all having and of course those pretty ladies needed their princess dresses for an evening out! :)

I'm so excited for you that you have this approaching girls (long )weekend!! Enjoy and relish every bit of it....I know you will!! Have you packed your princess dress? :) I hope deserve an enchanted ladies weekend!!
Hugs and safe travels my friend!!

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

Hello warm! The girls looked so adorable, getting their gab fest on. Ok... I was so your little girl in the mud... I think I need a mud break. Isn't mud the best free toy in the world? Great weekend! I think I deserve one of those... great idea as well.