Thursday, November 6, 2008

So I've got no creative juices flowing these days. Could be the weather, or the time change, or the election (they obviously forgot to count my vote there...) or it could even have something to do with the sneaky suspicion I have that these red itchy bumps mean I've developed poison ivy - oh yes, once again. But whatever it is I have nothing exciting to write, yet I still want to play on my blog. Soooooo, I loaded some random pics that I found interesting.

Below, the lovely Simone QingLu models her fabulous new scarf & hat ensemble.
And here is an obviously professional portrait of me, Adam and the pooches. Simone took this while we were on our nightly walk a few weeks ago during a warm spell we had. You can see we're not too sure where the camera is aiming, or if we are even in the picture. Emma is still looking for the yellow barn kitty...

Yep, geek that I am I took a picture of our finger printing location. Hey, it was a big day for us!
Here's a cute picture of the cousins on Adam's side with Simone. Goofy little imps- none are smiling, in fact they are all making faces. I think they had that planned!
This one is from the summer at my parents house. I call it "Simone in motion".
And speaking of the they are at their antique store located in the great NorthEast Kingdom. Can you tell she loves her grandparents!
And finally... Lions & Tigers & ... goats?? Oh my.
Have a great day! J

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Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, that was pure fun! I LOVED, "Simone in Motion" and each picture & pose was just as cute & joyful as the next!!
What a huge treat to find tonight!! Thank you!!
:) Hugs,
Lisa C.