Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My big-little girl

We put the crib up to take a picture for our photo pages for the adoption. Simone decided it made a nice "tent" and brought her pillow and a quilt in, and took a nap. She actually camped out there for two naps over Halloween weekend and two nights that week, eventually deciding that her room was actually comfier. It sure brought back memories of my baby Simone, though she was a bit smaller back then! They sure do grow up fast and become such interesting creatures. j



Lisa said...

Lauren was so tickled to see Simone in the crib shot...like minded girls, I believe! Anything for an adventure! :)
She is such a cutie pie and I will be thinking of you during your storytelling tomorrow too!
BTW, I'm sure your photo pages will be great and how glorious that your hubby is on that task!
Lisa C.

QingLu Mama said...

Thank you, as always, for you kind words. You really know how to lift spirits and you always write from the heart! I truly do appreciate your comments, and am glad we've "met".

Lisa said...

I feel the very same about you! I'm always smiling so big after reading your blog & the comments you leave on mine.
I am so glad that we 'met' too and am so thrilled to be sharing a bit our journeys together.
Your posts and comments speak such volumes about your spirit & heart and its just beautiful!
Hugs to you!