Friday, November 21, 2008

The life of a dog

Emmerson Van der Lukenhiemerschmidt (aka Emma) and Sir Oliver Bolliver (aka Ollie) have decided that "the life of a dog" is not all it's cracked up to be. You see, once upon a time it was their world, they had it all! And now, well now they consider themselves the "victims" in this whole thing. A bit dramatic, I know, I do, but that's how they feel. I mean, it used to be beach on Sunday for a little frisbee and digging, nightly walks to the park, sleeping in late without any interruptions and scrambled egg Saturdays. But it just hasn't been the same since "that creature", whom we call Simone, came home almost 4 years ago. And yes, they have put forth an effort to become sorta friends, but its been hard. Poor Ollie has to endure being dressed like a princess...not to mention he has to move over in the mornings when she comes in the bed to snuggle with his Mama & Dad. And Poor Emma, she has had all sorts of new rules imposed like -don't pop that ball, don't chew her barbies, stay away from her crackers, oh the list goes on... And to think, another little thing is coming home soon! They know, because the crib hasn't been taken down yet, and there's all this talk of "the baby" this and "the baby" that. Plus, there is an air of tension followed by moments elation floating around, that always means trouble...Ugh! What will this one be like? Perhaps this one will be a little messier at meal time, floor scraps are just as good as food in the bowl, sometime even better. Maybe this one will actually play when the chewed up, slimy toys are dropped on him- and the response won't be "Oh, gross". Hey, he may even enjoy hours of back yard frisbee and tromping through the woods, whoopee! The life of a dog is looking up...
Obviously I need something fun (or maybe dumb, it's all perspective) to take my mind off all things Taiwan adoption related for a bit.
Still waiting to go on the wait list... just heard that the home study will be sent to "the person in charge of putting you on the wait list" person today. Hopefully we'll hear before Thanksgiving that we are officially "waiting", especially since we have tons of family coming for turkey day and it would be totally cool to have a real whopper of an "I am Thankful for....".
On a good note, there have been a few referrals though our agency this past week, it's very exciting stuff! And some updates for those with referrals, very adorable little guys & girls! And some even got some hearings and there were two final rulings for families to travel in December! Yay! I love good baby news. But seriously, its MY turn next! J


Lisa said...

Oh Jen, it so is your turn and you know I will be hooting and hollering from up here when it happens! Hey, you may even hear my screams of celebration all the way down there! :)
LOVE, LOVED the life & times of your poochies( so cute!) and our Lexi seems to be reading over my shoulder and bobbing her head emphatically up & down! LOL
I smiled my way through the entire post, until I got to the end....then my determined glint surfaced and you absolutely DO need to be able to spring that whopper on your family at Thanksgiving....followed with a Christmas announcement ( if not sooner!) of a new baby boy!!
It will happen!! And you deserve it so much!!
((Big Hugs))
Umm..if its possible for dogs to human speak, our's just said something akin to: " I hear ya, Sista & bro of the fur!" She's also pumping her paw, in the air! ;)

Teresa said...

Oooh! The excitement builds! Can't wait to hear! And boys are fun too! They are truly snips and snails and puppy dog tails :) Peter and his friend Brendan were trying to catch crawdads at the park yesterday, but managed instead to gather worms in a cup and set them RIGHT NEXT TO THE SANDWICHES! Sigh...

Poor dogs. But hey, that's life! I loved the way you wrote about them. Cracked me up.