Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our Home Study is APPROVED!

Oh Ya!! Sing it with me, Our Home Study is Approved! La la la la!

Well, I'm pretty excited, this is really good news! This means as soon as JOH gets notarized copies of the home study from our S.W. here in Tenn we will be notified that we are on the WAIT LIST! (thanks to all my JOH buddies for assuring me that is in fact the next step!) I should have more of an idea of what the wait time for a referral may be once that happens. We're getting closer to baby #2! Yay and Yippee! And, not to elicit any Happy's here, but it is my birthday today so what a fantastic gift.

And on another note, my story reading to Simone's class went well, I think. I mean, there were no tomatoes thrown so I'd consider it a success. Simone asked me to read "The Three Names of Me" by Mary Cummings and I chose "My Family is Forever" by Nancy Carlson. She had a great big grin on the whole time I was reading. And she even thanked me later that night for reading to her class. What a girl! J


Sarah said...

yay! congratulations on this big step!

Lisa said...

Oh, happy happy birthday my friend! What a glorious way to celebrate, not only with the GREAT news about your H.S., but doing something special with your sweet girl yesterday too!
I love that she thanked you and grinned so big the whole time! You know it meant a lot to both of you I imagine!
:) Hugs,

couey2007 said...

It won't be long now. That is a huge step to get on the waitlist!!

Michelle C, AL

Lisa said...

OH MY GOSH, thank you for that, cuz Miss Lauren has been grinning from ear to ear since I read your comment to her! :) BTW, she's a big fan of Simone too; of course she had to wedge herself into the crib here didn't stay long, but looked mighty satisfied with herself just the same! LOL
I hope you guys did something nice for yourselves to celebrate getting on the list AND for your birthday of course!

Our family said...

Yeah!!! Congrats on getting on the list. :-)