Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet the neigh-bors

Yep, that's right...our neighbors are four-legged and live in a barn. We try to walk up to the barn a few times a week and they all come over, looking for a rub or some grass to eat. We had no idea when we first looked at the house that they were next door but we sure were happy to discover them. We've become fast friends with the horses (and their owners too) since.
Levi is the alpha horse, and he'll chase the other three away to get all the rubbing. Duke is a handsome guy and a real sweet horse. The other two are great too, Moe is black and has a great personality and Casey is a blond that just loves to get rubs. Simone really likes her horse pals and loves to give them grass and hay. She won't ride them though, she told the owner she prefers to ride camels...go figure!

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Lisa said...

I burst out laughing with after figuring out your cute post title! That is way too clever for a Monday...I am smiling big & impressed! :)
How wonderful to have those four legged friends nearby...a little girls delight for certain!! Simone looks radiant in the pic!!
Happy Monday!