Monday, October 20, 2014

May 2014

May 2014...the end of fourth grade for Simone and the end of Pre-K for Sammy!   This school year flew by and was really a great year of growth for both of them!

Simone had her first Science Fair project!  
She did it on "Do Domesticated Animals Prefer Home Made Food Over Canned Store Food". 
Our doggies loved the home made!
 And Sammy enjoyed visiting her at school!

My two beauties!

Of course we spent an afternoon at Ijams Nature Center with pals, it's what we do in the nice weather!

Sammy "graduated" preschool.  It was adorable, and I only cried a little bit...

Simone had character day at school.  She chose Susan B. Anthony!  
She learned a good amount from this project!

Baseball was a fun sport that lasted through Spring!  
Sammy did so good, he was a good listener and a good team player!

 At his "Awards Ceremony" he got the 
class Best Conversions!  Yes, that boy can talk your ear off!
School let out for the summer, so what did we do to celebrate?
Went to Ijams again!

Sammy got really good at hitting the ball, it was "coach pitch" 
so the kiddos had to learn to swing on time.

Look at what I caught.  It's an ummmm....Sammy bug?
Summer time fun is up next!

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