Thursday, October 30, 2014

July 2014

A star Spangled month, July of 2014! 

We started another new tradition, we went tubing with some great pals in the foothills 
of the Smokey's on the fourth of July.  I didn't get any photos of the tubing part, but we stopped 
for ice cream on the way home and the kids had fun hoolah hooping and corn holing!
 Living in East Tennessee we get to enjoy the many lakes in the summer.  Fortunately we have pals with boats that take us along often!  The kids LOVE the boat and it is such a great time whenever we go!

 Somebody likes to take selfies....

 Pool fun!

 We took a vacation to New England again this year.  It truly is my favorite spot to visit in
 the summer!  I flew up to meet Simone (who flew up earlier to spend time with grandparents)

 The boys drove up and met us in New Hampshire the next day!

 The we headed to Vermont to visit my family for a few days!


 Great vacation!

Below is a deer behind our house.  I spotted it while running.  So cute!
 July was great fun with a wonderful family vacation!

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