Thursday, October 16, 2014

March 2014

March of 2014 meant ladies weekend for Mama, a family vacation to Florida for Spring Break, baseball and plenty of other fun times!

My best pals and I went to Nashville for a fun filled weekend!

And then we all headed to Florida to visit Adam's parents and enjoy 
some warm weather for Spring Break!

 First stop....the beach!

 And then to our favorite hole in the wall for beachy eats!

We got to visit with our good friends.  We both completed our adoptions around the same 
time so we got to know them as we were both becoming first time parents!

Then it was off for ice cream and dolphin watching!

We got to see some of our oldest and dearest friends too!  Dina was in my 
wedding party, we've been pals for close to 20 years!

Tarpon Springs Sponge docks!!!!!
Great aquarium, yummy Greek food, plenty of sunshine and cool sightseeing!

Upon our return home Spring was starting to really take hold!  Love this view...

And I love having the barn and horses right next door.  Sammy's pals love to 
go up and see the horses whenever they come over to play!

We have the cutest baseball team south of the Mason-Dixon!

March was another busy fun-filled month!

And I am catching up my blog photos!  Soon I'll be able to post in the present, but I do have to say...this catching up exercise has given me a chance look back at these fun times with fond memories! 

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