Tuesday, October 28, 2014

June 2014 - Summertime fun!

June of 2014 brought summertime fun!  We love the summer here, the weather is usually great, the pool is open and there's lots of nights for bbq's and back yard fires!

Sammy finally got his Hebrew name, Schmuel.  
It was a big event to celebrate!  Of course, he 
dressed himself and chose his Chinese apparel.  Very cute!
 Simone turned a year older!  I have a 10 year old now!!!!  
Where has time gone?  She's so lovely and looks so grown up.
 Summertime rainbow!
 Sleepyhead.  He's still my sweet baby!
 Simone had a pool party for her birthday!  We had perfect weather and all 
her friends came to celebrate!  And yes, Sammy is totally trying to blow out her candle!

 Time to go to camp!
 A new tradition I hope becomes and annual one!  We celebrated the dragon boat festival 
in the Smoky Mountains!  All the kids created their own dragon boats and we had a fun race 
down the little river.  What a blast we had!

Summertime fun continues...

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