Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Brand New Year, 2014!!

Yep, a brand New Year!

 Simone was visiting cousins in DC over the holiday break.  
So we decided to have some fun too and had a day at the aquarium!

 And when Simone came home we were all so excited!  
They went back to best brother & sister in no time at all!
 And it's never too cold for a fun day at the park!

 Or off to see a play with our favorite Fu!
 Adam & I even had a date night!
 We got some snow too!!  Kids LOVED playing in the snow this year.  And boy did we have a lot!  
I think we were out of school as much as in. 

 A play date with these fellows is always a hit!

We sure started off the new year of 2014 with lot's of fun and lots of laughs!

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