Tuesday, February 9, 2010

San leaz quiet lo!


"Happy Birthday"
my darling baby boy!

Today is Samuel Wei Che's 1st Birthday. I can't believe this baby we brought home three and a half months ago is having a birthday...turning towards "boyhood" and away from "babyhood". Our lives have been forever changed by this little guy.

How quickly he melted our hearts and became our son and Simone's baby brother. There truly is no way to completely express the joy he brings to us, the wholeness of our family now, the love we have for him.

As I type this, my sweet Sammy Wei is hugging my leg (or wiping applesauce off his face...?) and I think of how blessed I was to have this little dumpling come into the world one year ago today- even though at the time I had no idea my son had arrived.

So again...
Happy Birthday my darling baby boy!


Robin said...

Happy 1st Birthday Sammy!!!!! I hgave been following along and enjoying all your post, but have had very little time to comment. I love his cheeks!

babycrockett2010 said...

Happy Birthday Sammy!!!

Lisa said...

Happy happy birthday to your sweet & darling little man!

What a day of celebration for you all!

Thinking of you all as you share this milestone!


Dunns said...

Happy Birthday Sammy!!!! I hope your day was filled with giggles & hugs!!


Mark & Kris said...

Happy Birthday, Sammy!!! Wow, I can't believe he is one. What a cutie pie!! Hope you had a fun day!!

Terry said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Sammy! I have missed so much being out of blog world lately! I'm sorry I have missed such a milestone!
We've been buried under 3 feet plus of snow and each time I think I have a minute-nope!

I have enjoyed catching up on all of your posts and pictures! I loved the video dancing and walking...he is quick! His cheeks are adorable and he is so cute, that makes them even more adorable!

Promise not to stay away so long next time. Happy (Hurry) Spring !! :-)

日月神教-任我行 said...