Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sammy Wei's party

Yep, I'm a bit slow getting my Birthday posts out!
But here's the pics from Saturday night's "party" we had.

Below is a picture of Sammy's new smile face. He crinkles up every inch of his face and giggles heartily as he does it. He loves to do it when he eats something yummy or if he hasn't seen you in a few seconds! He is a silly boy!

And just moments before the party big sis fell into a deep sleep. Sammy thought it was quite a fun game to try and wake her! Can you see the grin on his face...he thinks he is getting away with something!

And before I had mentioned I thought Sammy had figured out the whole gift thing...I don't think our friends got the bag set down before he was making a beeline right to it.

Not bashful either! He dove right in...
Adam and I were busy in the kitchen cooking up some traditional Chinese and Taiwanese dishes. Quite fun and very delicious! We had lots of yummy dishes, like stir fry chicken and mushroom, homemade dumplings, broccoli with sesame seeds and jasmine rice.

We also did a "Chinese Birthday Grab" or Zhau Zhou. This is done for a first birthday and in this game you lay out various objects to represent different career choices... like, stethoscope = doctor, book = writer.
I got the idea from my blog buddy Lisa. She did this in July with her gorgeous son.
Well our little guy went right for the calculator, not even a debate over the objects. Just grabbed it and that was that! So I guess we may have a business man, something with numbers.
We let the girls grab up their objects too, just to see what they would choose.
Simone scooped up the bear...

J grabbed the magnifying glass and our other friend nabbed the jingle maraca.
Sammy decided the whisk was fun to chew on also. So maybe he'll be a restaraunt owner...
Here's the adults enjoying dinner! It was also Uncle Marc's birthday, so we celebrated both. We already think we know what he'll be when he grows up so he opted to not play the game.

We had a cake for the birthday boys. Lot's of candles to blow out and then off to bed for the little dumpling!
Below we like to call "the day after". My Mom got Simone window crayons for Christmas and the girls decided to have fun with them during the party. I swear they colored for hours and had so much fun! It is actually very pretty and we'll leave it up for a bit before cleaning it.

So that is it for Sammy's first Birthday celebration. It was fun and we are so glad to have good friends and family here to celebrate these milestones with!
Happy New Year!


Terry said...

That has to be the best smile I have seen in a very long time!
He is just tooo much! He is so happy and entertaining!

Looks like everyone had a great time. The window crayons were a fun idea. I have not seen those around here. The girls are such wonderful artists - they created the perfect window covering. And I wouldn't want to clean it either. Very Nice! :-)
I love all your pictures!
Happy First Birthday Sammy!!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your little man!

So many things to love about this.....his cutie pie First B-day shirt, the grand window art( we have the window markers, but the crayons sound intriguing and SO vibrant!) and of course the Taiwanese custom!

Thanks for the sweet nod and link up too ~ that was so thoughtful! Brought back so many special memories!

Oh, and I like a guy that goes right for those presents! He was the star of the show afterall!!

Hugs and hope all is well! I spotted this yesterday but things get popping up and I was never able to comment! Tyler has taken to watching me if I approach the computer and then grabs books and says, "peesh" (please)....he knows I'm a softie for cuddling and reading ~ I can't say no! :)

AND best of luck on your chocolate endeavor....all I can say is....Yum! :)