Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sammy's big day!

Sammy had a whopper of a birthday celebration, starting on his big day and continuing until last night. Here are the photos of his actual birthday, I'll post his big "party" later!

I can't believe my little guy is a one year old boy! He is just so sweet and wonderful and keeps me both on my toes all day and laughing hard! He is such a strong willed child ( one!) but so very cuddly and loving!

Below is the table for his family celebration. Simone & I made the cupcakes (and if you know me at all this is quite a feat as I do not bake well!) and of course she helped me decorate as well!

And below is how he started out his big day. the dog food dish again- he had it ALL over the floor! Little stinker....

And this one's for Elizabeth...I know she'll get a kick out of his "breakfast choice"! was "his big day", who am I to judge?

And big sis giving birthday lovins before she heads off to school.

I was trying to get a picture of his crinkled face smile and he was trying to get the camera! He is a silly boy, whether it's his birthday or not!

And below - Simone is home from school now, and dressed herself for the party!

But seriously, only she can make him giggle like this!
We opened gifts and ate pizza, yum yum. Then it was time to test out those blue babies (my cupcakes...)
Sammy was more interested in giving his sister his toothpaste than blowing out the candle! He soon found out the special treat that was under that little candle though!

At least Simone thinks our cupcakes are great!

Hmmm.....Sammy is not too sure here. Look at that serious face!

Yep, didn't take long for him to discover how delicious cupcakes and frosting are! He ate the whole thing! Not much mess left on him or the chair either. Didn't get those cheeks by snubbing food now did we?

Ahhhh....and a nice birthday bath!

And off to bed.....

What a fun day it was! Sammy got some great gifts that he is really enjoying. He got a "Little People" garage, a toy phone, a new ball, more "Little People" gear and lots of spring clothes. Naturally big sis helped to open the gifts, but I think he started to get the picture...good things to play with come under all that wrapping.

We feel so blessed and so very fortunate to be able to celebrate such a big milestone with Sammy~ as his family. I am so amazed at what a wonderful little guy he is and look forward to all of his accomplishments in the next year!


Mark & Kris said...

Jen, he has the best smile ever!! And, those cheeks just add to the adorablness!! So happy for you!! Kris

Lisa said...

Oh my gracious...what a precious and beautiful birthday boy!

I've been waiting for these and am so happy that your computer is up and running again! ( I hope!)

Your cupcakes and decorations look splendid and please tell your pretty little Miss that she did a wonderful job ~ Mama did too! :)

His choice of breakfast continues to baffle me :) giggle....but he's so darn cute, it so totally doesn't matter!

I love Simone's infectious joy and happiness for her baby brother! That's such a gift in and of itself!

Can't wait to follow this darling little man's adventures in the coming year!!


Terry said...

What a great party! Looks like he had a wonderful time! I love, love, love, love his smile!!!! I bet he has one of those cute, deep, from the belly laughs, huh?

Those cupcakes look deeelissh! You and Simone did a wonderful job! And it is the inside that counts! Sammy thought so too!

Happy First Birthday Sammy!

PS- His choice for breakfast made me chuckle! It's "His Day", right? :-)