Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do these cheeks make me look chubby?

Seriously folks!

I can't get through a shopping trip, Doctor appointment, walk in the park or much else without at least one comment on the size of these cheeks!
And these thighs, and overall "chunky" appearance. I'd probably have a complex if I didn't suspect it all to be slightly true....but he's still a baby so he can get away with it!

And honestly, I hear everything from "that boy sure doesn't miss a meal" to "well, Mama has a little linebacker in the making" and even "is he storing nuts in those cheeks?". Now I see those sweet cheeks my darling boy has, but I just didn't realize they were considered so "chubby" to others. I always felt it showed he was healthy...oh, which I hear a lot also- with a little "wink wink".

Now I know he is a sturdy little fellow, and okay...maybe he does have chubby little cheeks.
More to kiss, right? No Mama is going to complain about that!


Tonya said...

He's perfect!! I get the opposite with Janie. She is still very tiny for her age. (will turn 1 on Valentine's Day and yesterday weighed in at 14 pounds 8 ounces) But she is strong, fiesty, and full of energy!!

I hear all the time "she's so tiny", "looks like a baby doll", "does she eat", etc....

Our children are perfect the way they are! You're little guy is adorable!!

Mark & Kris said...

I love those cheeks!!! He is just perfect!! I have a feeling our Samuel has "chubby" cheeks too!

Lisa said...

Well, you already KNOW I'm kinda partial to those cheeks! Both my kiddos had/have 'em!

Absolutely more to love on!!

He's darling just the way he is!