Friday, February 26, 2010

Chinese New Year photos

This year we celebrated Chinese New Year with our local FCC Chapter (Families with Children from China). It is a great group and the event was so organized and so much fun for all of us!

Our FCC Chapter is made up of some wonderful people and just amazing little girls and boys and we are just so lucky to have such a positive outlet for our kiddos.

Below is my sweet girl, isn't she just lovely!

And here is a photo of Adam, Sammy and Ms. Connie. She is the language (and dance) teacher where Simone takes language class on Sundays. She is a wonderful teacher and has been so kind to us all. We are so appreciative of all she does for our kids, to help us as parents teach them the culture they so deserve to know and participate in. Both Simone and Sammy adore her!

Some of the girls took part in a song/dance of "The Tortoise and the Hair". They were darling and did a really great job!
Here's me and my two dumplings!

And yep, I got up on stage as well! I was voted in as a board member of the FCC, both an honor and an exciting new thing for me. I am happy to have this chance to get more involved, and honestly could not ask for a better Chapter than this one to do that with.
The dance class, called "The Butterfly's" I am told, did a beautiful ribbon dance. Very challenging and really quite lovely to see. These girls sure worked hard and it showed!
And here is Simone up on the stage popping the bubble wrap! She had a fantastic time and is looking forward to next year already!
So that was our CNY fun this year. What a great night and fun event it was!

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Tracey said...

I hate that we missed it. We were supposed to have friends visiting but they canceled at the last minute. Can't wait to go next year! Simone looks like she had a great time!