Sunday, January 31, 2010

A snowy day!

What a snowy day we had! We don't get much snow here in East Tenn, but we've had our share this winter. We had quite a bit of that fluffy white stuff come down Friday and Saturday, and it actually stuck! So of course we had to have a family tromp in the back yard.

Below is a picture of the yard in the morning. Lot's of snow!

Here's my girl ready to play

And my guys. Sammy wasn't quite sure about being out in this, but he seemed to like it. I don't think his feet touched the ground much though.
Ohhh...what a handsome guy!

And me trying to get him to laugh. As I said...he wasn't too sure why we were out romping in this cold weather!

And our makeshift sled. Hey, this is TN and we don't ever get enough snow to actually own a real sled. So the hubby got creative and we used the kiddie slide. Simone actually flew down the yard. Sammy just joined for the photo, as he was not interested in trying out our sled. she comes! The puppy dogs thought "chase the sled" was a great new game and got plenty of exercise yesterday!

And my three snow bunnies!
And I spotted a woodland snow creature in the yard....

Oh, it's just Ollie! Boy did he love to roll and dig in the snow. Good thing he has a full winter coat on.
So the snow is still all out there and we'll probably spend some time this afternoon romping around in it again! The street outside is a sheet of ice so there may not be much else we can do!
Happy Snow day to you!


Melissa said...

Ah! looks like you guys had tons of fun. Sammy is such a beautiful boy! Can you believe our little ones are almost one??

Lisa said...

What an ingenious solution to no sled!! I LOVE it and her looks of glee are just priceless!

Love these grand pictures too ~ furry friends & all! I think you guys have about as much as we do right now....what a wacky winter so far!

I can't pick a favorite pic(they are all GREAT), but gosh I DO love your expression of pure joy and delight at sharing this day with Sammy and your beautiful family! Just radiant!!

You guys stay safe and I hope those streets may just have to snuggle in together another day :) Snow day part deux! :) I bet Simone and Ollie wouldn't mind one little bit!