Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chasing Boys

Yes, chasing boys....

Just before the winter break my sweet five year old came home from Kindergarten exclaimed that she was "just exhausted".

Naturally I ask..."why?"

"From chasing boys" she tells me in such a nonchalant tone.

Huh? From what???

So I say to her "Huh? From what???"

To which she replies " From chasing all the boys, Mom. That's what I do. And I'm going to need better shoes if I'm gonna keep catching them".

Oh my, my. Chasing boys already! And we've worn out our shoes doing this? Already?
So of course I have to ask "Why are you chasing boys, honey?'

"To catch em Mama" ....duh!

I cringe as I ask her if one is perhaps her boyfriend or if maybe she likes one of them.
I got just the response I needed to hear...
"Oh no, Mama. I'm not ready to decide who I'll marry yet. We just like to chase them because they like to run away from us."

Okay, phew. Now I feel a wee bit better. She chases them because they run, and apparently there is more than just her chasing. She goes on to name all the "team players" and tells me who her favorite boy to chase is..."cause he's the easiest to catch".

Poppa later asked if she ever kissed them when she caught one...
She quickly replied "Oh no Poppa, I chase them to catch em, not to love them!"

Chasing boys....
I guess at least she's getting good exercise!


Michelle said...

LOL!! How CUTE! :)

Lisa said...

BWaaaaaaaaa ha ha!! :)

I LOVE it! And guess what? Just when you thought it was safe to re-enter the playground ~ yes, my friend, they do this in First grade too! AND they refine it with a whole host of specific rules and prechase disclaimers. LOL

I sure can't keep up ~ thanks for sharing this BIG smile!

Dina said...

and... in 4th grade they tell their freinds they think so and so is hot! as in "Nick". Guess I should be glad that my nine year old is a hottie! ha ha ha