Friday, January 15, 2010

A day in the life....

Oh yes....

a day in the life of one "Sammy Wei". I am exhausted by the end of each one-he sure is keeping me on my toes. And in ways that Simone never even attempted. He is like a force of nature...sometimes a path of destruction and sometimes as precious as the most beautiful rainbow ever. But each action is always full of everything he feels is the right thing to do at that exact moment, no matter what his Mama may say to the contrary!

He prefers to be held most of the time, but I can see his new found independence taking over and he is toddling around the house like crazy. His personality has definitely come out, usually very happy but with a stubborn streak like I have never seen! And boy does he tell you when he when he is feeling either way...

But oh yes, I am loving this little guy so very much- we all are. And I truly know he feels the same! When I leave the room for even a moment and come back in I am greeted with a very loud shriek of joy followed by "Mama Mama"! And while he'll play by himself for a bit he always comes over to tug on my leg or climb in my lap for some cuddling and loving-which I so very gladly give.
And when Daddy comes home at the end of the day he is like a little bull, knocking over anything in his way, crawling or toddling to get to Adam...again screaming "Dada Dada"!

So Sammy's big sis loves to adorn her baby bro with any hat that comes into the house. Here's him posing as our "New Year Baby"....
And the "glam" girls as they are called around here...I have no idea why Simone chose to wear a bathing cap, or why J is wearing a headband in 60's fashion but this is how they roll.... And what do we have here? Fine dining at it's best....

"No no" I say.

Huh? Too busy eating dog food to hear ya Mama...

Oh...who couldn't love this little diaper baby? It's been so cold here Sammy rarely gets a chance to go natural, but he sure does love it!

And we end our day at the park. He was thrilled to be able to go outdoors today. It's been too cold for that as well and I can tell he is a nature boy. Like the drool on the sweatshirt? Yep, two more teeth are breaking through.Big sis had a great time at the park too! Of course she brought a new toy that was perfect for going down slides.
And slides are good for more than just sliding. Yum yum....
Only Simone can make Sammy laugh like this. The two of them can crack each other up for sure. I pushed him for 10 min and barely got a grin, big sis comes over and squeals and laughs can be heard throughout the playground!

And speaking of "new found freedom" little girl has decided she's far to big to walk with Mommy & baby. Off she goes back to the playground after our nature walk, stopping only to check for passing cars.

And the afternoon comes to an end.... Some of us were just plum tuckered.
But Sammy took this "mini nap" and by the time the car pulled into the garage he was ready for another round of running around the house till it was time for bed. And that is a day in the life of my sweet Sammy Wei!
Phew, Mama sure sleeps good that night!


Lisa said...

Oh what a fun and insightful look into your days with your glam girl and force of nature! :)

I think these lil dumplings come equipped with plenty O charm and a dash of spice on the side! They sprinkle that spice on when its needed most....which mostly means when they need to get their way! LOL

I LOVE these pics and LOVED the captions even more! I laughed out loud but please don't think I failed to see those tiny darling Robeez baseball shoes and Simone's Zhu Zhu hamster! :)

What a glorious day you had and I hope it stays mild as I sense these outings might be extra helpful as his walking skills continue to improve!

He's just a doll.....I just don't get tired of seeing your kiddos....they really give new meaning to gorgeous!!

Hope your weekend was grand!!


Melissa said...

Ah such cuties!! I absolutely adore the dipe pic of Sammy. Gotta love all that chub!