Friday, January 29, 2010

Children's Museum day

Here's a few quick pics of our visit to the local Children's Museum we went to a few weekends ago.
It's a really great museum for the kiddos-completely "hands on" -and they always have a blast.
And I usually get a bunch more pics but with two to keep track of it sure is harder! Plus add Simone's school buddy and her sister into the mix...well they just never stayed still long enough for me to snap too many shots!

Although we have been there many times it was Sammy Wei's first time and he really enjoyed it. We will be going back many times in the future I am sure.

Fish tank...pure baby magic!

Below is Simone and pal. They had so much fun, we really enjoyed hanging out for the day.

There are several rooms in the museum, each with it's own theme. There's a spy room, a tugboat room, a puppet room, rain forest room and fantasy room to name a few. There are also several rooms showing time periods of this area going back to Native Americans and the first settlers in the region. All hands on!

One of our favorite rooms is the doll house. It is a huge child size doll house with kitchen, living room and bedrooms.

Here's Sammy & Simone in the living room. He was talking to me because I wouldn't let him eat the play food. The furniture is so cute, kid size!

There is also a train room with a cool train replica, a train table for the smaller kiddos and a humongous track behind glass that runs the length of the room and is really quite amazing! This is always the other favorite room and we spent lot's of time in here.

Meet the conductor...

And below is not at the museum but at home. Remember Simone loves to put hats on Sammy. Well here's another one. Funny thing is, he loves wearing them and I end up taking them off after a while, to both kids dismay!

So stinkin cute, even in lavender!

So just a few quick pics, it's been so cold and Sammy's been a bit sick so I haven't been taking so many photos. We're supposed to have a whopper of a snowstorm (it's a blowin out there already!) so maybe I'll have a good reason to take some!

I hope all of your weekends are grand! J


TalithaDillingham0 said...
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Lisa said...

Oh, look at those sweet cheeks...and then he wears a chef's hat..... OH GOSH....that is just the beautiful Sammy fix I needed!

I know you have a big day approaching....thinking of you guys!!

These photos are wonderful & showcase a wonderful family day!!