Monday, February 9, 2009

The Daddy/Daughter dance

Simone and Adam attended a Daddy/Daughter dance on Saturday night with Simone's BFF and her Daddy. It was a very big night~ for me it was the first time I actually curled her hair and helped her get all dressed up~ and for Simone and Adam it was a very special evening they got to spend together.
I can't believe how big she is and how much she's growing up! It was amazing to see how lovely my baby girl looked all "gussied" up. And I got to have a wonderful evening with said BFF's Mom, we enjoyed some good wine, good food and great conversations- without little ears or big guys around. So all in all it was a great evening

And since I finally got a new camera I was able to take some great pictures of my special girl and guy!

Simone getting her shoes on. Yep she HAD to have gold shoes for the dance!
Daddy got Simone a corsage for the dance.
She felt like such a princess! And looked like one too!

Ohh, aren't they too cute...See how they match!


Checking each other necklaces out.

Daddy & his girl!

The gang.
And off they went to dance the night away! The girls had a wonderful time and the guys looked a bit worn out when they all arrived back at our friends house. What great memories for Simone and Adam!

On a not so happy note, we got information in our agency's news letter that the wait for referral (what was estimated to be 1-3 months) is now 3-6 months. So, we won't be getting any referral news for at least another month, and maybe up to 4 months from now. There is no explanation, or anywhere to cast international adoption these things just happen, time lines can change-for good or bad- without warning. I'm a bit bummed out that the wait is going to be longer than we had originally anticipated, but I know everything happens for a reason and that red thread has already connected us, the line just got a bit tangled...


Laura said...

Ah, the rollercoaster and unpredictability of international adoption. That's a bummer. But Adam and Simone look great - looks like they had a great time. And how nice for you to get a night off. Love her dress!

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

Whata beautiful night! How sweet is that! Even a beautiful corsage. I needed some sweetness. You look very gorgeous Simone. Mom you did a great job on her hair (that is a feat! I know!)

I am so sorry about the wait time... it hurts a lot when things happen out of our control and we just have to sit there and take it. I'm with ya and hope you have strength and comfort along your journey. Many blessings and sweet wishes to you and yours.