Thursday, February 12, 2009

my daily horoscope

OK, so today my horoscope reads

"It's true that patience is a virtue, but it's also true that you can control things."

Really...??? Cause from where I'm sitting I see that I have NO control! I mean, it really is pretty funny. I am sitting at my desk actually laughing.

Now patience, well yes, I certainly have learned that virtue, starting with Simone's adoption (ok I actually started learning that when I married Adam...hee hee-just joking) And being a parent, sheesh, that sure has taught me patience, along with a few other virtues...
but control! Come on now, do the folks who write the daily horoscope expect me to believe this stuff?

Now put that in a fortune cookie and you may get me to fall for it!


Teresa said...

Heh. Apparently whoever wrote that was never a parent. Control? Get real!

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

Ha HA! This is a funny post. I constantly believe I can make a difference and at least try to pretend to have control in situations, which is why I am going crazy having no control over this process right now!

Control doesn't really exist in my house either... it's more like compliance... who wants to comply to whom?!

We should make fortune cookies for waiting parents! No suckage allowed!

Lisa said...

OH MY GOSH, its so good to be back and be able to check in again on my friends!! I SO want your fortune to read something like this: "you will see the face of your destiny soon....or will travel to distant lands in the near future!!" I believe that for you.....and hey, how about some oreo cookies instead when we feel we have no control!! Yum!
I've miss ya and so appreciated all the love and support while we were away!!