Monday, February 23, 2009

Let it snow!!

And then promptly melt...

Yep, it was gone by the time we got around to going out in it...I guess the ground is too warm. But it sure was a pretty sight to wake up to on Sunday morning.

The dogs thought they would be brave and venture out in it...
It looks like they are debating with each other on who will go first.
"No you go Ollie, I went first last time"
But it was a bit too cold and they came back in to snuggle on the couch.

And you may be saying "what's this, no pictures of the little one playing in it?"
Nope, too cold and snowy for our little princess. She was all cuddled on the couch too! I guess there wasn't enough snow to entice her to bundle up and head out.

I caught the picture below of a big ole mourning dove waiting for his/her turn at the feeder. Think my birds are well fed? And notice, no snow...this was just a few hours later too!

So still no new baby news... sad sad. Almost three months now. (And I know all the families that are on the girl list have been waiting A LOT longer - and trust me I totally feel for them, the wait must be so very hard, since no referral news has come out for a long long time. I am hoping referrals come for them as much as for us!) But we were quoted a 1-3 month wait (main reason we chose to go with either gender) and now there is an additional 1-3 added on top. It is just a bit disappointing I guess.

But hey I love this stress and anxiety, right? Grey hairs, weight gain and all... bring it on! Actually I've been a bit of a bear lately. Well to be completely honest, I switch from grumpy bear to weeping fool and then to anxious and cranky and all the while feeling silly for being so silly! I do not remember it being this emotional with Simone, but maybe it's like childbirth and you forget it all once you are finally holding your little bundle...

OK enough sad sads...My Tigger attitude will not be swayed to join Eeyore. The glass is half full and the day will come when it is time. Right?


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Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, I spotted your beautiful hanging baskets with flowers nestled in them, and SNOW in the backdrop!! How completely amazing!

And I LOVE your captions under your photos, especially with the darling pooches! Their little meeting on the deck and then the shot of 'em with their noses practically pressed to the glass to come back cute and priceless!!

Thank you for that big smile!

But Jen, the new time frame quoted for the baby boy referrals....did that come from JOH? That is so surprising and I'm so sad to hear that! Let's hope that is a really really conservative estimate!!

Hope all is well!!! Hugs!