Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sunrise in the Smokies

Aah, a deep breath, listen to the birds sing and see a glorious sunrise.
I love to start the day that way. And this time of year is so pretty here in East Tenn for the sunrise, because it is always so full of pinks & oranges and so clear with it's reflection on the lake. Plus it rises around 6:45, so I'm actually awake to see it (oh yes, we are late sleepers in our house...)

Some people like sunsets and I totally get that, there can be some whopper good ones. When we lived in Florida we did indeed see many, and some of my most cherished memories center around those beautiful sunsets.
But seeing the sun rise is somehow different. Its a new start, a fresh day, a hello to all of the possibilities that await! It's that time before the rush of the day to take that deep cleansing breath, and to take a moment to be thankful for all that I have. It's those few peaceful moments when everyone, including the doggies, are still snoozing away and all is calm. I can see with a bit of clarity all of my hopes and dreams for the future too, well at least for the day coming.

Just thought I would share my wonderful morning ritual... my morning aah!

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Lisa said...

Hi My Friend!

What a beautiful & peaceful way to start each day. I'm a morning person too and completely appreciate that cleansing and fresh start to the day!! Feeling like anything at all is possible!!

Hope all is well! I owe you an email and hope to write back soon!!