Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We are on "THE LIST" !!!!!!

Finally! The Wait to Wait is over. Now we are just OFFICIALLY WAITING! We got logged on the wait list 12/01/2008. So now we can get a referral at any time. There is one other couple on the list (another Jen, ironically!) and they were logged in on the same day as us. How cool is that!
So this is a little different than with Simone. For China were were "DTC"- remember Dossier To China (or logged in) July with a ton of other folks. All July referrals came out within a two-three day span. Well, except ours, our agency did not get matched (Simone wasn't quite ready to meet us yet, so typical of her!) and we got grouped in the August DTC's and got our referral when that whole group did. Oh what a happy day that was!
OK, so this time we are the only two couples "logged in" for either gender, so when a baby (Or it could be twins...) becomes available he/she will be referred to one of us - who ever the parents are supposed to be- and then when the next baby comes they will be matched with their parents. So the call could come tomorrow or in a few months (YIKES either way!) The great thing is that we are logged in and ready to welcome baby #2, or at least admire his/her/their picture until our family day (where we will finally get to hold our sweet baby in Taiwan)-which will be 3-6 months later. (sorry, correction- 4-6 months...I was on some medication when posting {strep throat, yuck!} but I think 4 is the soonest) When we told Simone we were logged in, she smiled real big and said "so we can go pick my baby brother up now, today?" If only it were that simple... J


Lisa said...

Oh Jennifer, I wish it were that simple too! From the mouth of babes, right?! BUT this is a HUGE HUGE step and you know I am smiling HUGELY with such joy for your family!
I just have this inkling that things could move along very quickly now and it just could not happen to a sweeter,kinder & more deserving person & family!
I'm so thrilled for you all & can't wait to see his adorable face!
Big hugs!!
P.S. I really enjoyed the background information on your China process...something I don't know too much about! You were meant for August to find your beautiful Simone and somewhere your dream boy awaits you too!
Total goosebumps now!! :)

Mark & Kris said...

Jennifer, I'm so happy you made it to the "list!" You give me great hope that I will be there, too, someday?! Can't wait to see your little one. I think both you Jen's are going to get a quick referral. I didn't know you could travel before 6 months! How awesome is that, that it could be as little as 3-4?!!

Our family said...

I'm very excited for you!! I bet you and Jen both get the call very soon. :-)


Cramber said...

Congratulations! Can I ask which JOH program you are using (Cathwel, Chungy Yi or JOH?)? Everything seems to be moving so quickly for you!!
Amber L.