Friday, December 5, 2008

And all about Thanksgiving!

Yep, it has officially taken me this long to recoup from the turkey celebration (a/k/a stuffed squash celebration for all my "veggie" family memebers) It was crazy, hectic and tons of fun for all! We had, let's see...Adam's parents, his 2 brother's, 2 sis in laws and 4 kids total, his Aunt from Fl and her 2 grown kids and both Aunt & Uncle who live here. 5 adults and 5 kids all sleeping in our house, 18 total for dinner, we were wall to wall people- it was so great! Simone just loved having all the family here, and having her cousins at the house was a super fun time. Simone LOVES family and is so comfortable with all of them, its just wonderful to see all the kids together. Of course it made me really miss my folks and my bro, sis in law and niece. Many moments I thought of them and wished they too could have been here (but that's another holiday! Christmas!!)
We took tons of pictures, but I'll just post a few here.
All the kids (first time ever we got all of em!) ... & Adam's bro's & aunts.

Adam's bro & niece ....& Princess Simone, and finally worn out princess!

More princesses ....And Me & my sis in law

Cousin & Uncle ....and the Cousins!

the playroom will never be the same!.... And Simone, Auntie & Nona

I hope everyone had a great holiday! It was a reminder to me of just how wonderful family is and how lucky we are to have such great families on both sides! Now, let's get our babies referral in! Once we have that I can start thinking about Hanukkah & Christmas (yep, optimistic we'll get it before the holidays actually start... it's possible) J


Lisa said...

I was just about to email you & then recalled I had not checked blogs in days! Yikes!
What a glorious post and I can tell that you relished that special time with your family. It is hard to be away from the whole group and I am so happy you will have Christmas with your folks other family! Its coming right up!
LOVE LOVE the radiant photos and Simone's joy, beauty & spirit just leaps off the page! We girls are a big fan of the tulle skirts too! :)
And you, my friend, are a hostess Goddess! I'm certain that you made everyone feel so special and at home! That is such a gift!
AND, I don't think it is at all unreasonable to think you may see your beautiful son's face before the holidays.....I'm sort of counting on it! :) Lauren asks me weekly if Simone has "her baby" yet! I keep saying..."soon, very soon"!! Excited!!!!
Hugs to you....I've been thinking about you! Hope your weekend was grand!

Suzy T. said...

Hey, Jen! Thank you so much for all of the fabulous updates! I adore the pictures from Thanksgiving. What a beautiful family you have, both immediate and extended. Please continue to share all your happiness with me, okay??? =o) And give Adam and Munchkin plenty of kisses from "Aunt" Suzy! I miss you all so, so much. I should be heading up there in the next few months, so I'll definitely give you a jingle.