Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Florida Vacation

Of course its hot as blazes here so where do we choose to go on vacation...?  Well, a location even hotter than here!  We decided to take a last minute mini vacation to Florida.  And naturally I took a billion pictures, well okay - 187 to be exact, either way I will be overloading this blog with pics of my kids!

We flew this time, and for Sammy it was an amazing treat!  He's obsessed with anything that has an engine or motor so the airport was pure delight for him! 
And we landed to a super hot Clearwater.  But even being hot it was beautiful, you just can't beat that ocean air and views!

First thing we did was head to the pool!  Being in our old stomping grounds meant lots of family time with aunts, uncle and cousins!

The kids loved seeing all of the family and had so much fun hanging out.  To see the joy that family brings to my two is wonderful and heart warming!

And being in Florida we got some yum-yum-yummy Challah bread!  Yes folks, this was hugely exciting for us.  We just can't find good bread here, unless somebody makes it(and I don't bake soo..)!

Here's a picture of that beauty...
We also hit a local favorite food joint.  This is an old mobile home on the Causeway that has the best food and some ice cold beer.  The kids loved it, and it was cool because we used to bring Simone here when she was Sammy's age!

Simone's fish n'chips.  She thought it was that good...good enough to take a picture of! 
Since we had a convertible the kids wanted to just drive around a lot..."top off" is all Sammy would say!  While we were just driving and we'd just stop wherever we thought looked interesting. 

We found this park with a boardwalk and had a nice walk.

And found some stingrays!

We also took a boat ride (yes, another Sammy favorite....Simone enjoyed immensely too!) over to Caledisi Island.  What an amazing beach that is!  We had a great day playing in the sand and waves, collecting shells and searching for wildlife!  We even saw a few dolphins on the ride over!

Look you see it?               Yep, a turtle! 
Sammy & I scoured the island looking for turtles and just as we were getting on the ferry boat to go back we spotted it!
It was such a fun day at the beach and we were all tired and sandy when we got "home". 

Later that night we had a lovely dinner with one of my oldest friends and her family.  The kids had a grand time swimming in the pool with Myla, the pug!  Sammy is still talking about her!

And now I'll end this blog entry with Myla, the swimming pug. 

We'll call this "chapter one" of our Florida vacation because there are plenty more photos to come!

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michelle said...

Looks like a fun time!! I love how there's always a picture of Sammy sleeping. I wish Lexie would take a nap like that. If something is going on, we can't get that girl to close her eyes.

Glad that Sammy loved the plane ride. Our trip to Dallas will be Lexie's first time on a plane since Taiwan. Wish us luck!! I wish we could request a bassinet for her!!