Monday, August 29, 2011

Boo Boo

So I'm painting the dinning room this week.

Have I ever mentioned how I really dislike painting.  I get the paint everywhere, and I truly mean EVERYWHERE- in my hair, on the wrong walls, on the bottom of my foot, which leads to paint all over the carpet.  Plus all the prep work and clean up...ughs.  It's an all day event just to prep, and even longer to wash everything out.  But I worked hard and plugged away, getting the bottom half of the wall done this morning.  Phew.  Tomorrow the top will be done with my bold new color choice, stony gray.

And then Sammy came in the room - my little force of nature himself.  And he swung the tool I was using to open the paint can.  It hit my JUST painted wall and made a scratch. 

On my just painted wall.

So I yelled hysterically gently scolded him as a good mother would.  I said "Sammy, you've made a boo boo on Mama's just painted wall.  Now what will I do?"

He took care of it for me.  All by himself!

I'm still not happy about my ding, but this does sort of make up for it. 

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Heather said...

Seriously seriously adorable.